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Gemima is a private diamond & design house based in London with a contemporary atelier in the famous district of Hatton Garden. The house sources exceptional diamonds and gemstones for private commissions, designing unique fine jewellery with love and extreme attention to detail. 

Gemima, The founder, established the house through her personal experiences within the industry, seeing a space for an exclusive service sourcing fine diamonds away from the noise and markups of traditional jewellers. After graduating from GIA as a gemologist she launched the brand offering clients a unique entry to the world of ultra fine diamonds and gemstones, complimented with a contemporary British workshop to handcraft bespoke designs. 


Gemima’s jewellery celebrates an elegantly timelessly allure infused with sophisticated goldsmith structures challenging the boundaries of traditional fine jewellery. The house cultivates a positive movement in the industry prioritising sustainable sourcing working with private heritage dealers to offer an unrivalled repertoire of unseen diamonds and gemstones for private commissions and collections.


Gemima diamonds are hand selected for your legacy. The expertise and experience that goes into sourcing every stone is of crucial importance, ensuring every diamonds is vetted against The Gem Code for unparalleled life and character but for its own pipeline history. Every diamond is certified by GIA and acquired in accordance with the Kimberly process and adheres to all relevant international laws and regulations and social responsibilities. 


Since inception of the house Gemima has been influencing conscious consumption, educating clients to make informed choices providing the clarity needed when commissioning jewellery. The philosophy of the house has always been to invest in individual high quality pieces than to consume trend driven fast fashion jewellery. The longevity in the creation of every Gemima piece pioneers in the luxury jewellery space.

"For this Love, Only Perfection will do."

10ct Type 2A D Flawless Emerald Cut Crafted in the Signature Gemima Setting

Im passionate about building a brand that does diamonds differently, one that prioritises the planet first. My founding philosophy and true belief is that the future of diamonds is about curation, not contributing to the noise. Every gemstone and diamond sourced under my name has been curated for a specific purpose not just for a collection to sit in a safe. 


My entrepreneurial endeavour has been driven by the clients I work with and the shared passion we have from sourcing the impossible. We believe natural diamonds and gemstones are exceptional treasures of the planet and to acquire something so magnificent should be celebrated privately and uniquely through design and craftsmanship. Designing with a timeless but contemporary eye is a challenge but one that I enjoy pushing the boundaries in.


The house & brand I’ve built since 2018 is slowly evolving into its next chapter, but the founding philosophy will always remain set in stone.  Im excited to evolve and facet my own legacy in the diamond space, and I will leave it in a more sustainable state than when I started. 


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